CRA’P Workshop 2021 UNIVERSES IN MOTION IN NATURE Conducted by Diana Gadish and Esther Freixa From 1st to 3rd October Arrival Friday at 17h Departure Sunday after lunch ALL WORKSHOP INFORMATION Registrations: send an email to o call at 666 763 504.

SPECIAL AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT CRA’P workshops 2021 From 1st to 3rd October Residential in La Plana, Santa Maria d’Oló A weekend to get in touch gently with our body and let us be surprised by its possibilities. We will combine guided dance improvisation with the Authentic Movement. The Authentic Movement is a movement practice that through […]

CRA’P Laboratories 2021 BEING PRESENT: ON THE THRESHOLD OF INVISIBLE Directed by Toni Cots 22-23-24 October ALL WORKSHOP INFORMATION Registrations: send an email to o call at 666 763 

CRA’P Laboratories 2021 22-23-24 October The LAB proposes a framework for reflection and transmission on the creation and the performing event. Based on individual practices and shared proposals, a space will be generated to analyse and research the form, the time and the presence in the language of what we now call performing arts and […]

CRA’P Workshop 2021-2022 UNIVERSES IN MOTION Conducted by Esther Freixa and Sara Pons From October to June Thurdays from 20h to 21:30 ALL WORKSHOP INFORMATION   Registrations: send an email to o call at 666 763 504.

BODY – AWARNESS – CREATIVITY CRA’P workshops 2021 – 2022 From October to June Thurdays from 20h to 21:30 Workshop based on personal exploration through various techniques and practices witch let us connect with the sensitivity of the body and open our perception. We will experience the creative body through movement, breathing, voice and presence. […]

CRA’P Workshop 2021 KALARIPAYATTU IMMERSION Conducted by Esther Freixa Saturday 4 September from 10h to 18h ALL WORKSHOP INFORMATION   Registrations: send an email to o call at 666 763 504.

CRA’P Workshops 2021 Saturday 4 September from 10h to 18h The Kalaripayattu of Kerala (India) is one of the most ancient martial art forms in the world. Through it’s very scientific physical discipline, it opens up the practitioner energy channels and pushes the boundaries of the body to become strong, flexible and focused – physically, mentally and spiritually; […]

CRA’P Workshop 2021-2022 SCENIC BODY CREATION, GAME AND MOVEMENT Teaching team Julieta Ferraro, Manuela Raurich, Isidora Zegers and Esther Freixa From October to June From 3 to 5  –  Thursday 17:15-18:15 From 6 to 8  –  Tuesday 17:15-18:15 From 9 to 11  –  Tuesday 18:30-20:00 From 6 to 14 *  –  Thursday 18:30-19:30 (* Children with special […]

CREATION, GAME AND MOVEMENT CRA’P Workshops 2021-2022 From October to June Initial meeting 20 september at 18:45h It is a proposal based on the performing arts of theater and dance, a workshop to discover your own body, the relationship with others and the creative fact. Through different techniques each child can develop awareness of the body, […]

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