CRA’P Workshop 2023 DANCING IN FAMILY Facilitator Iolanda Moya del Vado de “Moure’ns per viure” 29 April from 11h to 12:30 ALL WORKSHOP INFORMATION   Registrations: send an email to o call at 666 763 504.

CRA’P Workshops 2023 29 April from 11h to 12:30 “Improving our relationships with others makes us happier” I invite you to enjoy with your family a small expressive oasis within the frenetic rhythm of everyday life by means of play and movement. We will create a safe space for children and adults where the body will […]

TONI COTS – ESTHER FREIXA I RÀFOLS CRA’P Residencies 2023 25 and 26 March at 12h CRA’P Space Wandering – A journey’s tale is the third part of a trilogy, the result of a continuous dialogue between Esther Freixa and Toni Cots that began in 2007 with the process and creation of Medea (à la […]

CRA’P Laboratories 2023 March – April – May This new series of nine sessions of the LAB aim at implementing and reflecting on those practices in which form can be understood as a construct of thinking the real, which it has an immediate effect on the body. A body that, in simultaneity, channels different perceptual processes, […]

LIGHT AND VIBRATION CRA’P Collaborations 2023 17 March from 19:00 to 21:00 CRA’P in collaboration with the Archives OVNI – Observatory of Video Not Identified, presents a video-essay curated by Alessandro Quaranta and Toni Cots capable of arousing in the observer a critical as well as a contemplative thought. The material used consists partly of […]

CRA’P Workshop 2023 BODY WEATHER Conducted by Frank van de Ven (BW Amsterdam/Melbourne) 22 and 23 April from 11h to 17h ALL WORKSHOP INFORMATION   Registrations: send an email to o call at 639 162 720‬.

Strands of movement and language CRA’P Workshops 2023 22 and 23 April from 11h to 17h Strands of Movement and Language strand 2, noun A – a single thin length of something such as thread, fibre, or wire, esp. as twisted together with others: a strand of cotton B – an element that forms part […]

CRA’P Workshop 2023 THE POWER OF MOMENTUM Facilitator Mireia Chalamanch Amat 22 and 23 April from 11h to 17h ALL WORKSHOP INFORMATION   Registrations: send an email to o call at 93 570 77 47.

for women, lesbians and transgender CRA’P Collaborations 2023 Friday 3 March from 18h to 21h A time space to be connected with one’s own impulse, to notice it and honour it, through movement, in which each one of us can hear it and recognise it, while taking care of the rhythm, the experiences, the diversity […]

CRA’P collaborations 2023 CRA’P welcomes this proposal by Esther Freixa with the aim of integrating the practice of Kalaripayattu with other disciplines in a unique experience in the middle of nature. KALARIPAYATTU RETREAT From 10 to 12 March at Vall del Llémena, Girona. KALARIPAYATTU VEDIC CHANT YOGA MEDITATION BODY – NATURE Kalaripayattu is an ancient martial art from […]

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