THE INNER JOURNEY CRA’P Collaborations 2020 CRA’P in collaboration with the Archives OVNI – Observatory of Video Not Identified, presents a video program with a subsequent discussion in memory of toni serra *) abu ali. 11 December from 18h to 20h • ‘For the Birds’ by Keith Sanborn, 7’ (USA) Inspired by the Sufi text […]

CIA. CHAROL & FERRARO CRA’P Residences 2020 Friday 4 December at 19h At CRA’P space Two performers explore how to translate the world of the painter Edward Hopper to the theatrical universe. Chop Suey is a painting, a story, a landscape to share an intimacy, a way of giving life to those mysterious women behind […]

TANIT COBAS AND MARTA SANTACATALINA CRA’P Residences 2020 9 December at 19h At CRA’P space An isolated space occupied by a woman who sends, waits and receives over the distance. S-end starts with the fake simplicity of a hug, we dive in a conflict with the same naturality as we have when we send an emoji […]

CRA’P Workshops 2020 TO BREATHE THE MAHABHARATA V Directed by Michael Gadish 6, 12 and 20 December ALL WORKSHOP INFORMATION Registrations:

CRA’P Public presentations – Workshops 2020 6, 12 and 20 December  Respirar el Mahābhārata is a 12 years long ritual performance. Between december 12th 2016 and december 12th 2028 Michael Gadish commits himself to live deepening in the great tale of the Mahabharata. Every fifteen days he will share his progress in the blog […]

CRA’P Collaborations 2020 LANDSCAPE IN LAND-SCAPE WORK-SHOP Directed by Jordi Mas and Daniel Farré 21 Nov / 12 Dec / 16 and 30 Jan / 20 Feb ALL WORKSHOP INFORMATION Registrations:

CRA’P Collaborations 2020 21 Nov / 12 Dec / 16 and 30 Jan / 20 Feb CRA’P in collaboration with the Museum Abelló in the cycle ‘Landscape in land-scape’. We propose a workshop that we call “work-shop” for the possibility of intervening experiences that provide a drift that we call “toppling”. It is a toppling […]

CRA’P Laboratories 2020 BEING PRESENT: ON THE THRESHOLD OF INVISIBLE Directed by Toni Cots 28-29 November, 19-20 Decemberand 9-10 January ALL WORKSHOP INFORMATION Registrations: send an email to o call at 666 763 

CRA’P Laboratories 2020 28-29 November, 19-20 December and 9-10 January The LAB proposes a framework for reflection and transmission on the creation and the performing event. Based on individual practices and shared proposals, a space will be generated to analyse and research the form, the time and the presence in the language of what we now call […]

CRA’P Presentations 2020 24 octuber at 18h Recital Poetic-Musical in which Danilo Facelli presents the poems of his new book La Tierra y el Barrio (The Earth and the neighbourhood) accompanied by Hugo Martínez at the guitar. A word and action journey that takes us from Gambia to the Dominican Republic, passing through the first […]

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