CRA’P collaborations 2018

Friday 20 April at 20h 
Cultural Center La Marineta – Mollet del Vallès

CRA’P presents “Quién no es, no ha” by Janet Parra

A displaced body carries a fixation: the repetitive insistence of an accumulation of finished ideas, to tow memory through space, because the body is memory. And if we erase it’s memory? A body that is built in that space of forgetfulness, restoring its time in between, allowing itself to write in the loss.

This work is the continuation of a research process that studies the perceptive states within the body. How those states are constructed and what spatial and temporal paths they draw, what their choreography is. How does the body fix the time? I research ways to articulate and develop thinking towards the visible.

* The poet William Blake wrote that eternity is in love with the work of time. So let’s look for the body’s eternity in time and its impossibility.







Artistic cast:

Idea and direction: Janet Parra

Composition and dramaturgy: Jesús Labandeira, Janet Parra

Performer: Janet Parra

Sound: Ryoji Ikeda

Photography: Centro Coreografico de la Gomera

Duration: 40min.


With the support of: Choreographers in community (Conde Duque, Madrid) Choreographic Contest of Madrid, Choreographic Center of La Gomera (Canary Islands), La Poderosa Centro de Creación (Barcelona) and La Caldera Centro de Creación (Barcelona).


Janet Parra Orrego, began her dance studies in Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires, where she trained with renowned teachers in different dance and choreography schools and universities such as the Conservatory of the University of Chile, Alicia Targarona Ballet School and School of dance and theater Face Buenos Aires. In 2012 she moved to Madrid and completed her studies at the Carmen Senra contemporary dance school, receiving a scholarship at the María de Ávila Conservatory. She studied choreography at the School of Arts in Amsterdam, and at Movement Research in New York. She has collaborated with choreographers in Argentina and Spain such as Jesus Rubio, Janet Novas, Sharon Fridman, Elena Cordoba, Silvina Grinberg, Gerardo Litvak and Luis Garay.In 2014 she began to create her own pieces and received the support of the Concurso Coreográfico de Madrid, Choreographic Center of La Gomera, La Caldera Creation Center, Barcelona, ​​Choreographers in community, Conde Duque, La Poderosa, Barcelona.Since 2009 she has combined dance work with her yoga and philosophy studies. She has trained in this discipline between Argentina, Spain and India, where he travels annually to continue her studies with Sharath Jois.


Free entrance. Limited seats.

This activity is the result of a Cra’p collaboration in the International Dance Day Program of the City of Mollet del Vallès 


Photos: Alba Montañez

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