CRA’P seminars 2013


Contemporary Arts Practice & Contexts
July – August 2013

During the month of July the Seminar Artworks & Landmarks will open some of its activities to interested people willing to participate in the encounters that the Seminar propose and to share the process generated by each participant and the group.

The Seminar Artworks & landmarks intends to approach the cross-disciplinary / inter-media practices of contemporary artworks, with the intention to breakdown its boundaries by studying and interrogating its cultural contexts  rather than its disciplinary practices.

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The encounters open to a maximum of 4 participants are with Toni Serra, Carme Torrent and Montse Romaní.


Ru’a [visions]
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OVNI [Observatorio de Video No Identificado]
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Al Barzaj [entremundos]
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My participation aims to develop the objectives of Artworks & Landmarks through an in-depth reading of three projects that I’m developing in rhizome: Ru’a [visions], OVNI [Observatory Video Not Identified], and Al Barzaj {between-worlds]. The first two are of a collective nature, the last one develops from my work as author of video and texts. These projects are based on a state of necessity: to break gender, discipline and ‘objectivity’ barriers, that too often hinder relationships of dissemination and connection, severily limit the possible depth of critical reflection, and therefore preclude any real transformation. To go beyond these barriers means to undertake a journey not only physical – to other cultures and social contexts, but also a journey into the knowledge, a journey of transformation. In its deeper sense it means understanding that in the creation of images is the reality itself what is at stake.

Toni Serra *) Abu Ali, author of video works and video programs. He is a founding member of the OVNI Archives [], while he is also working in several research  projects: >TrasnArab and Babylon Archives amongst others. His video works explore different visions between the essay and the poetry, and they get immersed into the different relationships existing with the visionary, the inner experience, the no man’s land in between the real and unreal, the dream and the awakeness, the poetry and profecy, in order to deepen the criticism of




Where does a body begin and end?

Is it possible to think a world without a differentiation between culture and nature?

To experience a body out of all categories. Perhaps return back to the intelligence of plants, or animals…Suggesting other ways of being in the world. Implementing other visions of how to distribute continuities and discontinuities between man and his environment.

Recomposing an ecology of relationships between humans and non-humans, between culture and nature. Opening ourselves to what takes place in the between, to what pierces and elapses in transit.

Carme Torrent, dance maker and performer living and working in Barcelona. She studied architecture at the University of Barcelona. Has collaborated with different choreographers, companies, musicians and performers from Spain and abroad. Since 2000, she travels regularly to Japan to work and study with Min Tanaka, leading figure of ‘Butoh’ and the technique ‘Body Weather’.


critical pedagogy / agencement / visuality / mediations / co-learning / collective imagination / performativity / collaborative

This part of the Seminar is based on a selection of non-fiction audiovisual projects whose aesthetics, narratives, and conditions of production, distribution and reception were developed following working methodologies of collaborative nature. Here the term ‘collaborative’ acquires a political dimension insofar that critically interrogates the structures and conventions that usually enroll in the construction of a story and consequently of the vision. As well as a pedagogical dimension at recognizing the capacity of images to produce subjectivity. Thus, from the collaborative production with images, we will reflect on some aspects of education and politics, to rethink how artistic practice can be identified today with collective knowledge processes.

Montse Romaní, researcher and cultural producer based in Barcelona (Spain), with a major focus on curating and writing. After receiving her BA in Fine Arts, University of Barcelona, she graduated at Goldsmiths College, University of London, with an MA in Curating Contemporary Art. Much of her research has focused on exploring the production of imaginaries in the fields of labor, gender, technology and public space, based on the ideas and approaches of radical pedagogy, cultural and postcolonial studies and visual culture. Since 1999 works as a freelance curator, being responsible for a large number of exhibitions, lectures, audiovisual programmes, and workshops. Has participated in cultural events in Belgium, Germany, Egypt, Italy, Turkey, UK, and Spain. In 2011 she received the Research Residency Program grant, an initiative of the National Museum Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, for the project Subtramas. This project is an artistic research about the audiovisual works  that test methodologies and processes of collaborative nature.

Toni Serra
Dates and timetable: from 2 to 6 of July, 10:00 – 14:00
Location: Bookshop La Central, Barcelona
Fee: 150 eur (130 for collaborators of CRA’P)
Carme Torrent
Dates and timetable: from 8 to 12 of July, 10:00 – 14:00
Location: CRA’P, Mollet del Vallès
Fee: 150 eur (130 for collaborators of CRA’P)
Montse Romaní
Dates and timetable: 17 and 18 of July, 11:00 – 14:00 and 19 of July, 10:00 – 14:00
Location: Bookshop La Central, Barcelona
Fee: 100 eur (80 for collaborators of CRA’P)

Fee for 3 encounters: 350 eur (300 for collaborators of CRA’P)
Fee for 2 encounters: [Toni Serra + Carme Torrent]: 250 eur (220 for collaborators of CRA’P)
Fee for 2 encounters: [Montse Romaní + Toni Serra or Carme Torrent]: 200 eur (180 for collaborators of CRA’P)

Registration: send a cv and the application form to
Will be valued the interest in participating in the 3 encounters

In Mollet del Vallès, Cultural Centre La Marineta:

Conference and projections by Toni Serra *) Abu Ali
4 of July at 19:30
Talk and debate with Lamia Abi Azar (member of the Theatre collective Zoukak, Beirut, Lebanon)
24 of July at 18:30

Free entrance


Concept and direction Toni Cots
Communication and production Esther Freixa
With the collaboration of: Bookshop La Central, Zoukak Theatre, Teatro Potlatch, Mollet del Vallès City Council
More information write to or call to (+34) 622 798 789.
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