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The Centre KALARIGRAM of Auroville, India, comes back to CRA’P and we organise two weeks of activities based on Kalaripayattu, a millenary tradition of knowledge and practices about martial arts, health and spirituality.

Between the 7 and 23 July, with the collaboration of the space Nassara (Masnou) and Mollet del Vallès City Council, we will venture into this ancestral tradition and its legacy guided by Lakshman Gurukkal, one of the most renowned masters today and his young talented attendant Akshay T S.


12th July
18h – 24h at CRA’P (Mollet del Vallès, Barcelona)

How can we access different states of consciousness and fully experience the human existence through what we call ritual?

An encounter at sunset to share experiences and visions about the ritual as a performative act: the ritual in the tradition and the place it occupies in our contemporaneity. The ritual in the arts and its connection with spirituality.

In the first part, a dialogue will take place between Lakshman Gurukkal (spiritual and traditional martial arts’ master), and Michael Gadish (artist specialized in the Indian mythology), moderated by Toni Cots (actor, director and researcher of the Performing Arts).

After the conversation, will come a second part in which Michael Gadish will show the third piece of the 12 years’ performance entitled Breathing the Mahabharata, followed by Lakshman Gurukkal who will introduce the spiritual philosophy Sri Vidya Tantra by making a “pooja” (a ritual of the Hindu cult).

This encounter is open to any interested person. It will be in English with Catalan translation.







With Lakshman Gurukkal and Michael Gadish, moderated by Toni Cots

18h to 24h full encounter with dinner included:
50€ (40€ collaborators and associates of Cra’p)

18h to 21h talk and dinner:
30€ (25€ collaborators and associates of Cra’p)

21h to 24h presentation Breathing the Mahabharata and “pooja”:
30€ (25€ collaborators and associates of Cra’p)

Registration: / +34 666 763 504

At CRA’P space


Photos: Alba Montañez

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