CRA’P resident May – June 2011 RES RES is an investigation of the type of movement that occurs when doing an activity where the body is the medium but not the focus. Linked to this concept, there is another movement, more tied to objects, to life… that I also somehow refer to it. Based on […]

CRA’P collaborations 2011 CRA’P together with other organizations from Mollet del Vallès whose work relates to the development of dance and movement arts will present different activities. Friday 29 April, Plaça Major Presentation and action by CRA’P Photos CRA’P Workshop presentation  Movement practice led by Ana Sánchez Couso and Jorge Horno Photos CRA’P Sunday 1 May, CRA’P Open […]

CRA’P resident April – May 2011 C.A.P.A CUERPO ANIMAL PENSAMENT ABSTRACTE (OBERTURA) I think that for deaf people, in some cases, watching dance might be an experience very close to the one listeners have by listening music. I present you the abstraction of a genesis. A naive scenic score, calm and minimalist, where the magic […]

ONA FUSTÉ – PHOEBE OSBORNE CRA’P residents April – May – November 2011 ROLE CALL *Man, 57 years old, Asian Korean, lives in Barcelona, his behavior changes when her daughter is at home. *Woman, 26 years old, catalan, thin long hair, has no job and ows 35.000 euros,  her husband is iranian.*Woman, african, emigrates to […]

CRA’P resident September to November 2011 MU – TO (phase 2) The ‘real’ of Mu-To is its duration; the amount of time that you will go while sitting in your chair. What conception of this show could you have previously? The ‘real’ in Mu-To is also a travel. So is it your body, which contains an […]

CRA’P workshops 2011 March – April – May: Tuesdays from 20h to 22h We propose an approach to the moving body as a vehicle of experience, expression and creativity. Working sessions will be organized in three parts. A physical training to work on flexibility, strength, resistance, coordination, dissociation, and exercises aimed to deepen the way […]

CRA’P workshops 2011 March – April – May: Mondays from 10.00h to 12.00h With this workshop we propose to explore movement and to create a space in order to understand one’s own body as an expressive vehicle. Will start from the study of the joint anatomy and the biomechanics of movement to understand its organicity […]

CRA’P workshops 2011 March – April – May: Thursdays from 19.30h to 21.30h The aim of this workshop is to generate a research space to explore the different possibilities given by the body and the voice as fundamental tools for dramatic expression. Some content to be developped: the basic principles of scenic presence (altering the balance-opposites-intentions), […]

CRA’P residents 2011 COS_S Work in progress on the reification of the body Can we dehumanize the person to turn it into impersonal? Reduce the body to the state of “thing”? 
The inability to dehumanize ourselves. 
 A body made of flesh, bones, skin … matter that provides a starting point from where to consider […]

CRA’P residents 2011 MEDEA (A LA CARTE) Medea (a la carte) is a research proposal and scenic creation around the myth and deconstruction of the character Medea. As a referents has the films Medea of Pasolini’s and Medea from Lars Von Trier, Roberto Calasso’s narrative in The Weddings of Cadmus and Harmony and the texts […]

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