CRA’P residents July– Setember – November 2011 COLAPSAR Collapse is based in a serie of ideas: The human being, technology and nature has a potential maximum limit: the 100 %. If that limit is crossed, the thin line betwen 100% and 101%, the sistem collapses in different ways. In Collapse the center of our movement […]

MAGÍ SERRA FORASTÉ CRA’P resident May – June 2011 Presentation: 3rd of july 17:30 at CRA’P + INFO Photos: CRA’P

CRA’P presentations 2011 29 June at 20h at CRA’P The project nAu now by Aurora Balasch (dancer and dance maker, Igualada) and Antoine Berthiaume (guitarist and composer, Montreal) was developed at CeRCCA, Centre for research and creation Casamarlès, space for creation and international artistic residences in Llorenç del Penedès, in collaboration with L’Escorxador, Vilafranca del Penedès. […]

CRA’P Workshops 2011 Saturday 18 June 2011 from 10h to 13h The first part of the workshop will be based on making our body awake and aware. We will work with images, sensations and the imagination as tools in order to discover and sensitize every single muscle and articulation. The work will be personal and […]

NÚRIA GUIU SAGARRA CRA’P resident May – June 2011 Presentation: Wednesday 15th of June 20h at CRA’P + INFO Photos: CRA’P

POH PRODUCTIONS / ONA FUSTÉ – PHOEBE OSBORNE CRA’P artists in residence April – May – November 2011 Presentation: Sunday 5 June 19h at CRA’P + INFO Photos: CRA’P

CRA’P resident May – June – December 2011 WONDERLAND FALLING TOMORROW An athmosphere that evoques a combination of a thriller and romance, where emotions and dreams are confronted and linked to reality; a society where individualism is increasingly present, where the frenetic pace of big cities pushes us to move forward without looking back and […]

TXELL JANOT CRA’P resident abril – maig 2011 Presentació: dimecres 25 de maig a les 21h a CRA’P + INFO

CRA’P laboratories 2011 May – June – July / October – November – December This LAB aims to generate a transmission critical framework to research body based practices: improvisation sessions, collaborative proposals, debates about the discourses underlying the space of representation, and shared reflections on other contemporary art disciplines. The LAB provides a space for […]

CRA’P residents May 2011 COMICS & MAMBOS & VINYLS Último Comboio is a multidisciplinary company established in Barcelona since 2006. We bring our creations to the scenic field and also work to film projects and exposure. The Company, directed by Anton Coimbra, is a laboratory where artists from different fields work together on creating audiovisual […]

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