CRA’P collaborations 2024 Friday 8 de March at 19h 4 benches Rambla Fiveller – Mollet del Vallès CRA’P presents “#socpetiquipeti” a performance resulting from the creation workshop “We the woman” that has been carried out over the last month by the creator Esther Freixa i Ràfols. “#socpetiquipeti” is a performance in which women put their […]

CRA’P Resident February to April 2024 OF SAND AND FRESH WATER Weaves together several strands: a writer struggling with his inability to come to terms with reality, the story of Ahmed and the metaphorical door, interwoven in a choreographic tapestry. Ahmed symbolises hope for a better tomorrow, his untimely death leaving a lasting mark, while […]

CRA’P Collaborations 2024 WE THE WOMAN Facilitated by Esther Freixa Ràfols From 7 February until 6 March. Wednesdays from 19h to 21h. ALL WORKSHOP INFORMATION   Registrations: / 93 570 77 47

CRA’P Collaborations 2024 CREATION WORKSHOP For women of all age groups From 7 February until 6 March. Wednesdays from 19h to 21h. This creative workshop seeks to open a framework for reflection on the fact of being a woman in our contemporary world. The goal is to generate a public moment in which women take […]

ELUDA DANCE CO. CRA’P Residencies 2024 31 January at 19h CRA’P space “Wake up Topia” indirectly relates to life, time, and those left behind. Through poetic images and original compositions, the choreographer and dancer, Emilie Lund (Eluda Dance Co. – Black Circle) in collaboration with the composer and performing artist Petra Banke, invite you into […]

CRA’P Collaborations 2024 KALARIPAYATTU RETREAT The practices will be led by Esther Freixa From 22 to 24 March at Vall del Llémena, Girona ALL WORKSHOP INFORMATION   Registrations: send an email to o call at 666 763 504.

CRA’P Collaborations 2024 CRA’P welcomes this proposal by Esther Freixa with the aim of integrating the practice of Kalaripayattu with other disciplines in a unique experience in the middle of nature. KALARIPAYATTU RETREAT From 22 to 24 March at Vall del Llémena, Girona. KALARIPAYATTU VEDIC CHANT YOGA MEDITATION BODY – NATURE Kalaripayattu is an ancient martial art from Kerala, […]

CRA’P resident January to December 2024 UNCLASSIFIABLE CORPOGRAPHIES Zoe Balasch revises and extends her research “Epidemic of Dance”, on which she has been working since 2022, with the research “Unclassifiable Corpographies”. This research has its roots in medieval dance epidemics, drawing on medical texts from the period and the 19th century, as well as on […]

CRA’P Trainings 2024 Body Weather is a training and performance practice that explores the interconnections between bodies and their environments. The body is not conceived as a fixed and separate entity but rather, like the weather, is in constant change and mutation through a complex and infinite system of processes occurring inside and outside the […]

CRA’P Workshop 2024 KALARIPAYATTU IMMERSION Conducted by Esther Freixa 10 February from 10h to 18h ALL WORKSHOP INFORMATION   Registrations: send an email to o call at 666 763 504.

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