CRA’P collaborations 2014 / 2015

CRA’P welcomes this proposal of Mireia Chalamanch in order to open a space to enjoy dancing with family, friends, acquaintances and strangers.

a little bit, never, always…
What’s dance? Together we will create a safe space where anyone can find possible answers by moving. We invite you to come and move your body, to contact your own dance through sensations, emotions, feelings, thoughts … which will be transformed into motion.
Come to have fun, to move and feel present.
Aimed at people from 0 to 110 years.


Conducted by Mireia Chalamanch

Mireia Chalamanch:  Performer (movement arts), stage director and actress. Degree in drama. Co-founder and coordinator of OOFF Co. for ten years. She has directed and played in authorial theater, produced her own pieces and also pieces with scientific content, and of literary character. She focuses on art projects based on participation. Her artistic work is characterized by a poetic search of the body and the word formalized in different fields.

Contribution: minimum of 5 euros adults and 3 euros children, if you can provide more will be welcome! The collected funds will be used for the maintenance of the space.
Friday 19th of December:
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Friday 30th of January:
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XGUIX sound artist with years of experience collecting sounds will be the DJ and will make us dance with Mireia Chalamanch (director, performer and teacher) who will lead the session.
Friday 13th of March:

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Friday 15th of May:

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