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Loving Effects is a multilingual publication edited by Toni Cots, and a part of the international project Miniatures Officinae, which is based on the exchange, cooperation and production of small pieces made by artists from the Mediterranean basin in the form of miniatures.

Cra’p is now presenting the multilingual edition of this book, which includes six essays and a series of text and/or image pages made by nine of the Miniatures artists from Catalunya/Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt and France.

Loving Effects is a collection of words and images that articulate multiple cartographic planes that cross-trace threads of the themes that run through the Miniatures project: love and the relationship with the other. This cartography unfolds on multiple paths where form and discourse, poetics and reflections are confronted by different ways of seeing, perceiving and tracing details in relation to the concept of ‘the other’: an ‘other’ who, in the context of the crisscrossed Mediterranean map, loaded with meanings, narratives, diversity and identities, seek to ask questions about affection and its effects in our societies today.

Loving Effects is a Quodlibet publication.


CRA’P has copies for 12 eur ( / 622 798 789).


Review by Jordi Vilardell Sanz at his blog Tot és una mentida

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