CRA’P network projects 2011

As an initiative of ‘The Officina’ (Marseille) takes shape in 2008 Miniatures officinae, an international project of itinerant character based on the creation and dissemination of short pieces created in different cultural contexts, the aim of which is to facilitate and encourage dialogue and exchange between artists from the Mediterranean basin.

Miniatures seeks to question the form that can take a miniature in contemporary art; it offers both a reflection on the cultural context in which is generated, and an analysis of its aesthetics and form by producing choreographic, installation or image work from different guest artists. With the support of dramaturges, scholars, artists and cultural agents, seeks to further study and analyze the notions of ‘choreography’ and ‘body art’ in the field of contemporary creation.

The common themes that Miniatures propose are the representation / expression of Love and the relationship with the Other, that are represented in public as performing or visual works or both at the same time.

The project has been coordinated from 2009 until December 2010 by five networking partners:

L’Officina (Marseille, France)
L’animal a l’esquena (Celrà, Spain)
El Teatro (Tunis, Tunisia)
Indisciplinarte (Terni, Italy)
HaRaKa (Cairo, Egypt)


From January 2011 CRA’P – Pràctiques de creació i recerca artística replaces L’animal a l’esquena as a member of the international network, with Toni Cots as the coordinator. During 2011 there have been several public presentations of Miniatures: Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, La Caldera of Barcelona in the Grec Festival, the Fast Festival of Terni, and the Dansem Festival of Marseille.

Moreover, CRA’P assumed the responsability of managing the production of the book “Loving Effects”, edited by Toni Cots and published by Quodlibet in Italy in October 2011. This book contains the written and image proposals of 9 artists from 5 different Mediterranean countries, which have been produced by Miniatures in 2009-2010, together with four essays related to the affection and the relationship with the other’, an introduction of the editor, and a preface about the project.

See Miniatures website


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