CRA’P network projects 2011

Space for collaborative practices in Llorenç del Penedès, Catalunya.

For about a month, a dozen artists from different disciplines have regularly met to work proposals of collaboration amongst themselves and also with people interested from Llorenç, looking for different frames of symbiotic relationship and exchange among all participants. Symbiotic 2011 sought to create a common space in which to develop relationships and practices that could coverge into several public proposals.

The initial goal was to generate spaces of encounter and exchange, and invite the audience to relate to the artistic work in an active and participative way through dialogue, several open and shared workshops, in order to make a series of public presentations in the form of actions, interventions or installations in multiple locations. There was at the end a festive event followed by performances at night.

The public presentations of Simbiòtic 2011 took place at Llorenç del Penedès on Friday 7 and  Saturday 8 of October.

CRA’P, in close collaboration with the local journal Portal Nou and the support of CeRCCA – center for research and creation Casamarlés, has co-organized and coordinated Simbiòtic, with Toni Cots and Esther Freixa in the overall coordination.

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