This year 2021, we celebrate that CRA’P was born in Mollet ten years ago with a small team of partners that has been changing over the years. During all this time there has been a great diversity of proposals both for creation and training, research and exhibition that have given life, care and energy to the space, as well as to the public venues of Mollet, where we have also carried out activities in collaboration with the Town Hall: La Marineta Cultural Centre, Can Gomà Theatre, Can Mulà Library, Abelló Museum, the Pruneres Park, etc. Collaboration with projects and people from other places has also nurtured us and given us meaning, by moving our essence to Llorenç del Penedès, Barcelona, Italy and Lebanon.

Saturday May 8, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., we will have a party at the Cra’p space that will feature the participation of some artists who have been residents or have collaborated with activities throughout these 10 years, with a ‘ revival ‘of what has been their passage and process at Cra’p by means of an on-site proposal, or in case they cannot attend by means of texts, images, audio or video.

In addition to these performances that we will receive as gifts, there will also be an open microphone for those who want to use it in a spontaneous or ‘prepared’ manner.







You can come in the morning, afternoon or all day, and stay for lunch contributing 5€ per person.

Reservations required: info@ cra-p.org / 666 763 504


CRA'P - pràctiques de creació i recerca artística | Anselm Clavé 67, 3r | 08100 Mollet del Vallès | info@cra-p.org