CRA’P resident January to December 2019


Respirar el Mahabharata (To breath the Mahabharata) is a 12 year performance which consists in telling the Mahabharata, humankinds great story, in 12 consecutive performances released each 12 of December between 2016 and 2028.

Evolution of the project can be followed in the blog:

The fourth chapter of the performance, in terms of content, does research in the esoteric meaning of play and luck/chance using as material for it both the Mahabharata’s argument and the cosmogony in which the story takes place. In terms of form this performance is thought as a workshop, meant for educational spaces. The objective is to research the limits where art and teaching, or creativity and divulgation either meet or part. This fourth chapter of Respirar el Mahabharata will premiere in CRA’P’s rehearse room next 12 of December of 2019.







Michael Gadish have studied Hebrew philology BA in the University of Amsterdam and a certification program in sanskrit language and culture with Elena Sierra in the University of Barcelona. He collaborates as a writer in theater and contemporary dance projects since 2004. The search of the origins of language and the meeting between philosophy, art and the traditional with the contemporary has brought him to focus on story telling as a tool, combined with new scenic languages close to the performance arts as well as specializing in the roots of Indian traditional storrytelling: the Ramayana, Mahabharata and Purana, out of the feeling that they are an unending  spring of wisdom and creativity. He collaborates with yoga training courses and organizes talks and workshops about Indian cosmogony which combines creativity with education. Since 2016 he is leading a 12 years performance based on the Mahabharata, where he commits to study during 12 years this great work and premiere each 12th of the 12th a new show based on a part of this story. Each 15 days he publishes a writing on the state of the process in the blog:

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