CRA’P Collaborations 2019

POLS 2019
[arts en viu a escena]
10, 11, 12 and 13 January 2019
POLS is a Live Arts proposal to promote contemporary Performing Arts productions and promote the creators of Live Arts, with plural artistics works.

For this first edition we present four creations by artists linked to CRA’P.

Saturday 12 January at 20h
Antic Teatre, c/ Verdaguer i Callís, 12. Barcelona

‘Perhaps, a day will come when we will have eyes of a dark golden colour, and we will see the beauty’ (Ingeborg Bachmann)

30 YEARS – A poetic act of resistance arises from the writings of Ingeborg Bachmann. With her voice, always present, we question our deepest humanity. It reveals the ambivalence of a world that, despite being cruel, alienating, limiting, making it difficult for us to live our lives with freedom, in it we can experience a most subtle beauty. During these thirty years, we make together a round trip journey from the oblivion, opening cracks in the time of memory, celebrating the encounter.









Creation and research: Toni Cots and Esther Freixa i Ràfols
Dramaturgy: Toni Cots
On stage: Esther Freixa i Ràfols
With the support of: CRA’P – Artistic creation and research practices
Project in Residence at: Potlatch Theatre (Fara Sabina, Italy), Escena
Mazatlán (Mazatlán, Mexico) and Theatre La Rendija (Merida, Mexico)

60 min.

Premiere in El Masnou (Bcn). Presented in Barcelona in different spaces and Turin (Italy).

Toni Cots i Esther Freixa i Ràfols have collaborated since 2007, establishing a continuous dialogue related to Performing Arts. Together they have created an artistic language that is confronted with the gaze of the viewer and a variety of approaches to body and text, characterized by a poetics of intimacy, looking for how a theatrical event can become a shared place with the spectator. Their last creation Medea (a la carte) has been presented 137 times for ten years, in private homes, galleries, theatres and festivals in Europe, Lebanon, Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina. 30 years – a poetic act of resistance is the continuation of this research process that started eleven years ago. They also collaborate within the field of cultural management in CRA’P project, through which they develop different proposals based on research, creation, training and production.



12€ on line / 15€ at box office / with discounts

with the collaboration of Antic Teatre and CRA’P

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