CRA’P Collaborations 2019

POLS 2019
[arts en viu a escena]
10, 11, 12 and 13 January 2019

POLS is a Live Arts proposal to promote contemporary Performing Arts productions and promote the creators of Live Arts, with plural artistics works.

For this first edition we present four creations by artists linked to CRA’P.

Thursday 10 January at 20h 
Antic Teatre, c/ Verdaguer i Callís, 12. Barcelona

“En el tiempo profundamente reticulados, caemos, caemos y yacemos y caemos”. (Paul Celan)

Atlantis2019  refers to the myth of a civilization that has disappeared due to a catastrophe.
The title is re-updated every year. This re-updating affects the processual and unfinished character of the research, which does not point towards a specific goal but to a practice that is constantly confronted to the present moment.
The main axis of work is body memory, especially in relation to the territory, addressing not only the personal memory, but also all the inherited and collective memory. It is a proposal of immersion, reaching depths where fiction and reality are no longer discernible.








Creation and concept: Diana Gadish
Performed by: Esther Freixa and Diana Gadish
Advise and dramaturgic support: Toni Cots
Light design: Daniel Miracle
With the support of La Caldera and Festival Citemor (Montemor-o-Velho); and the collaboration of CRA’P and Fundació la Plana.
People who have been involved in the practice and the research: Amaranta Velarde, Oihana Altube, Sigrid  Kollmannsperger, Daniel Loaiza, Darío Castro, Sara Pons and Carme Martínez.

50 min.

Is a work in process, presented for the first time at La Caldera on 22/11/2018.

Diana Gadish attends the first cycle of Fine Arts at University of Barcelona, and in 2007 she graduated from S.N.D.O.(Higher choreography studies in Amsterdam). As a performer, she has worked in dance, theater, clown and “performance art” projects in different countries (Holland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Mexico). With her creations Hiccup for Home (2007), Genesis Joplin (2009), Lucy Live (2013) and Handle with care (2016), she has performed in several countries around Europe and Latin America. Currently, apart from continuing to tour with her Performing Arts works, she teaches bodywork classes at Laboratorio Escuela, and since 2015 she works as a clown in hospitals with “Pallapupas”. She is also a member of CRA’P.


12€ on line / 15€ at box office / with discounts

with the collaboration of Antic Teatre and CRA’P

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