CRA’P resident October 2018 to June 2019


The residence The Space is a place of practice and reflection on space, specifically the spaces or internal cavities of the body, its exterior projection and its relationship with infinity.







Isidora Zegers, graduated as a performer in dance in 2008, since then has developed as a dancer, choreographer and teacher, some of her work, which has been developed in collaboration with artists from various disciplines, are: Voy a bailar una canción que hicieron John y Paul cuando eran amigos Festival Fronteras Rosario and Festival Escena Doméstica Santiago; Arrivedeci Amore = Mío Festival Escena Doméstica Rosario and Santiago; Refugio which is part of the choreographic encounter Sala Arrau of the Municipal Theater, financed by the National Council of Culture and Arts of Chile; Manual de Instrucciones made with the support of the National Council of Culture and Arts of Chile and Marte, recently in residence at Graner, Creació del Cos i Moviment Center, Barcelona, ​​currently in process. As a dancer she has worked in the company of the chilean choreographer Jose Vidal and in Insomnia, of the  italo argentinean choreographer Gisela Fantacuzzi.

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