CRA’P Collaborations 2018

Friday 28 and Saturday 29 September 19h
Gallecs. Meeting point at football field parking

CRA’P presents “En-filats” by 10 de deu teatre

Refugees, migrants, immigrants, expatriates, uprooted, displaced, expelled, exiled, emigrated…

’We have looked and seen wire fences that decapitate any hope. We have seen many eyes, a myriad, climbed on the walls searching, pointing with their fingers other paths…We have felt how new threads are interwoven and grow under our feet, amplifying our gazes and making the world a shared place… we needed to put it into words with elementary letters, and we wanted to share what we need now to say.’







Artistic cast
Creation and direction: Esther Freixa i Ràfols
Creation and performance: Alicia Molina Rodríguez, Assumpta Serra Felip, Curro Manzano Torrá, Enaitz Etxagibel Martínez, Lluís Curbera Calvera, Miquel Àngel Villamuera González, Montse Capel López, Pako Boza, Teresa Masat i Ticó
Collaboration at the creation: Ona Casacuberta i Capel, Montse Comas, Juanita Adán Gil
Coaching at the creative process: Mireia Chalamanch Amat
Photografy: Alba Montañez
Thanks to: Toni Cots, Ares Molins i Masat
With the support of Cardedeu City Council

10 de deu teatre is a group based in Cardedeu that for the past 12 years has been making theatre. Has had several directors with whom they have explored different ways of making and understanding the scene. With their current director, Esther Freixa, they have experienced the approach of collective creation in their own way. Working from improvisations, exercises, practices, reflections and research on the subject, they have created En-filats, a performance that seeks to reflect and make visible the exile as a fact. 

Fee:  minimum 5€ plus voluntary donations entirely destined to the NGO Open Arms.

LIMITED PLACES. RESERVATION REQUIRED. / +34 93 544 53 97 935704937

This activity is the result of a collaboration between CRA’P, the consortium of Gallecs, and the Programme Art and Scene of Mollet del Vallès City Council.


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