CRA’P collaborations 2018

Friday 20 April at 20h 
Cultural Center La Marineta – Mollet del Vallès

CRA’P presents “Atlantis2018” by Diana Gadish

Atlantis2018 is part of a movement research where issues such as death, the idea of belonging to a ​​clan and identity linked to a language, a territory and the relationship with the earth are addressed from the body and its memories.

It is an open piece, proposed as a continuous exploration where the body faces its own memories in the present. This April 20 at the Marineta, it will be performed by Diana Gadish, but during the process in the studio different people have participated, who tonight will be present with their absence.








Artistic cast:

Idea and performance: Diana Gadish

People who participated during the process in the studio: Sigrid Kollmannsperger, Darío Castro, Daniel Loaiza, Amaranta Velarde, Esther Freixa, Carme Martínez  and Sara Pons.

External eye and dramaturgical support: Toni Cots.

With the support of: La Caldera, Citemor (Montemor-o-Velho) and CRA’P.


Diana Gadish attends Fine Arts at U.B. and in 2007 she graduated in choreography studies at S.N.D.O. As a performer she has worked in dance, theater, clown and performance art projects in several countries (Holland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Mexico). With her creations Hiccup for Home (2007), Genesis Joplin (2009), Lucy Live (2013) and Handle with care (2016), she has performed in Spain, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Denmark and Mexico.

She currently perform with Lucy Live and Handle with care, since 2015 she works as a hospital clown with Pallapupas and teaches dance and bodywork at Col·legi de Teatre de Barcelona ( and Laboratorio Escuela (


Free entrance. Limited seats.

This activity is the result of a Cra’p collaboration in the International Dance Day Program of the City of Mollet del Vallès 


Photos: Alba Montañez

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