CRA’P collaborations 2018

Friday 16 February at 20h 
Cultural Center La Marineta – Mollet del Vallès

CRA’P presents “Cuerpo-Documento” a work in progress performance by Estitxu Arroyo

Cuerpo-Documento, is a scenic research project that begins in 2012, in which the body is a territory and a fundamental axis of practice. It is conceived as a multidisciplinary performative archive. This work experiences between the limits of installation, choreography and performance. Exploring through different languages ​​such as video, photography and iconography. It focuses on the female body as a document, as a meeting place and debate. As a potentially poetic and political space.










Artistic cast:

Concept: Estitxu Arroyo Sánchez

Artistic direction: Esther Freixa Ràfols

Creation: Estitxu Arroyo y Esther Freixa

Performance: Estitxu Arroyo Sánchez

Project in residence at: Cra’p, C.A.C.H. Centre d’art contemporani d’Huarte, Azala, Festival de Dansa de Navarra D.N.A, Departament de cultura de Tudela, teatre Gaztambide i espai Dansa Navarra/Nafarroako Dantzagunea, La Caldera.

Coproduction: Festival de Dansa de Navarra D.N.A 2018

Thanks to: Iñaki Estalés Fresán y Toni Cots


Estitxu Arroyo Sánchez is performer, actress and multidisciplinary theater creator. She studied at the Navarra School of Theater, later licensed in dramatic art at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. Enjoy a scholarship for further study at the University der Künste in Berlin (UdK) and perform the master’s degree in practical scenic and visual culture organized by the University of Alcalá de Henares and Artea, in collaboration with the Museo Reina Sofía, La casa encendida and Matadero in Madrid. Currently, she is a qualified teacher of Hatha Yoga and meditation at the public University of Navarra, among other places. At the same time she works as a professional storyteller and teaches classes and workshops related to the creative act, the lively arts and the movement.

Contribution: 5 euros. Limited seats.

This activity is the outcome of a collaboration between the residence programme of Cra’p and the City of Mollet del Vallès



Photos: Alba Montañez

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