CRA’P resident 2017

Collective memory gaps

Which are the implications of a genocide in the most intimate of ourselves? Which trace, both past and present genocides leave in our consciousness?

Memory gaps and the transmission cuts that occur when a whole human community disappears or almost disappears, sense of belonging, idea of a clan, relationship with the language, identity in relation to a territory, relationship with the earth and the environment, etc. These issues are addressed from the body, being the body and the memories it contains where the focus of this project.

The main goal of the residency is to develop a methodology that allows sharing the working process with different people and generate a structure that could be shown to an audience.









Toni Cots, as external eye and dramaturgy assistant.

Michael Gadish, working on a text.

People participating in the process in the studio: Sigrid Kollmannsperger, Darío Castro, Daniel Loaiza, Amaranta Velarde and Carme Martínez.


Diana Gadish, attends Fine Arts at U.B. and in 2007 she graduated in choreography studies at S.N.D.O. She completes her final-year internship with David Zambrano in Soul Project and with Diego Piñón (

As a performer she has worked in dance, theater, clown and performance art projects in several countries (Holland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Mexico), with the artists Amaranta Velarde, Maria Stoyanova, La Fura dels Baus, Joao Negro , Jeremy Wade, Guillem Mont, Katerina Bakatesaki, etc. From 2003 to 2007 she was a member of the interdisciplinary music and dance improvisation group The mOving Point (Amsterdam).
In 2008 she got in touch with clown discipline, working with Jango Edwards in Cabaret Cabrón. As a clown she studied, among others, with Christophe Thellier, Fanny Giraud, Miner Montell and Jef Johnson. She has performed with her own clown sketches in numerous cabarets, festivals and poetry encounters. With one of them she won the First Prize at the Figueres Comic Festival of 2011.

With her creations Hiccup for Home (2007), Genesis Joplin (2009), Lucy Live (2013) and Handle with care (2016), she has performed in Spain, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Denmark and Mexico.

She currently perform with Lucy Live and Handle with care, since 2015 she works as a hospital clown with Pallapupas and teaches dance and bodywork at Col·legi de Teatre de Barcelona ( and Laboratorio Escuela (

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