CRA’P talks 2017

Saturday 18 November at 18:30h.

In the Raval, Barcelona. Hospital, 56 street, in the Gardens Rubió i Lluch.

CRA’P participates in the 1st Aplec (encounter) of Applied Arts organized by INCA Catalunya in Barcelona. The AAA is a meeting, a seminar, a space for reflection that will bring together more than 20 entities and professionals for 3 days dedicated to arts at the community service. It is structured in three main areas: “The importance of informality”, “Community arts: between artistic and transformative” and “Methodologies and impact”. And it is articulated through presentations, talks, workshops and shows.

CRA’P will participate in the open talk about testimonials and impacts. Under the title Artistic practice as a transformative dialogue, the Cra’p team will focus on our intervention based on two specific experiences. The Simbiotic project carried out in 2011 in Llorenç del Penedès. Where 10 invited artists put their practice in relation to the context of the people (their inhabitants, architecture, rural surroundings, traditions, history, etc.). The other project is the creation workshop With a woman body, made this year 2017. For two months a group of 15 women met with the theatre maker Esther Freixa i Ràfols to share and elaborate scenic materials related to femininity and experience of living in a woman’s body.

Project Simbiòtic




Creation workshop With a woman body


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Photos: Alba Montañez

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