CRA’P resident October to December 2014 – 2015 – 2016


Between the un-doing and the doing is a research based on how the body can be in a state of stillness through breathing, releasing, emptying, dropping, producing an state of undoing in order to make a continuous connexion with the source of impulses leading towards the movement, the voice, the song and the place of the word. The body, from its own being, opens a dialogue with the will for action, becoming space for the relationship and the event.

Sigrid Kollmannsperger: She is an actress, performer and plastic artist. Has a degree both in technical architecture and in Acting at Replika. For more than 15 years has trained in different acting physical techniques of movement, dance, singing and martial arts. Has been a member of different theatre companies and cultural associations. Has developed her own process both alone and in collective, looking for the relational and the encounter, by means of laboratories and research together with artistic creation with the body.

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