CRA’P collaborations 2016

Wednesday 15th of June at 20h 
Cultural Center La Marineta – Mollet del Vallès

CRA’P presents “Soft Associations” a dance work in progress performance by and with Kata Cots and Liv Fauver (Mexico/United States)

In “Soft Associations” we seek to acknowledge the softness of flesh and character.  The aesthetic of softness is not usually associated with formal contemporary dance yet we seek to reveal the economy of our dancers’ bodies through softness.  We are using our two bodies as mirrors of one another to subvert our own expectations and those of the audience to reveal the constructs that confine our experiences of contemporary dance.








Kata Cots and Liv Fauver have come together in an international exchange out of a need to question cultural norms surrounding contemporary dance in different countries.

Liv Fauver is a choreographer and dancer currently residing in Seattle, WA, USA. She received her Bachelor of Arts in dance and chemistry from Smith College in Massachusetts and was a resident artist in 2014 with the mexican contemporary dance company Delfos. She has also danced with the Tinydance Project, Melder Dance and in the works of Adam Barruch, Mizraim Araujo, Paul Matteson, Monica Bill Barnes, Andrea Miller and Zoe Scofield. Her piece (w)here has been presented at Velocity Dance Center in the USA and at The José Limón Festival, Border Dance Festival and the Delfos Dance Company School in Mexico.

Kata Cots researches dance practices and is a professional contemporary dancer and teacher. She is of Spanish and American nationality and has performed and taught in Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, and India. She lives in Tijuana, Mexico, a metropolis on the border with the United States where she has collaborated with different companies and artists during the last six years. She is a certified practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method® in somatic education by The Feldenkrais Guild ® of North America and is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College (New York) in Dance and Cultural & Political Anthropology. Her most recent work Güera ( which means sexy white girl in Mexico) was created during a creative residency in Tijuana with the dance company Péndulo Cero and Toni Cots.

Free entrance. Limited seats.

This activity is the outcome of a collaboration between the residence programme of Cra’p and the City of Mollet del Vallès


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