CRA’P collaborations 2016

Sarturday 30 April from 11h to 12:30

Workshop to put in contact the body and the creativity through dance-movement, music, free play and artistic expression. Through various exercises and games the children will become aware and develop their creative side. Proposes a space in which they feel safe, free to comment and act, enabling the autonomy of the child in body and mind.
For children from 5 to 12 years old.

Conducted by: Tierracorazón (Lilah Arsuaga and Javier Fernández)









Lilah Arsuaga Méndez. Bilbao 1976. BA in Drama and Fine Arts (Bilbao) and Art Therapy (Madrid). Working for more than 20 years in artistic disciplines related to education, training for people having different risks of social exclusion, and working in schools with alternative educative programs (last 10 years).

Javier Fernández Caracena. Miranda de Ebro 1972. Studies of Shiatsu at “Shiatsu Japanese School” (Barcelona). Currently he is studying and experimenting in various disciplines: permaculture (Institute of Permaculture Montsant), wild carpentry (Slow Wood), “Segni Mossi” contact-improvisation.

Fee: 12€ (10€ Cra’p partners)
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This activity is the result of a Cra’p collaboration in the International Dance Day Program of the City of Mollet del Vallès 
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