CRA’P collaborations 2015

Friday 19th of June at 20h 
Centre Cultural La Marineta – Mollet del Vallès

CRA’P presenta “Esther Williams no quiere nadar más” a
 performance by the Dance Theatre Company Xirê with Andrea Elias (Brazil)

“Esther Williams no quiere nadar más” (Esther Williams does not want to swim any longer) is about denying the individula potential in order to generate a space of meeting, attention and care with and for the other. The piece, which is a hybrid of dance, theater and performance, aims to create a metaphor of the figure of Esther Williams from a fragment of her history, and to present the physical experience of a body that, due to desire or necessity, searches for other potencies of itself in the possibility of ‘no’.










Artistic credits:

Research and creation: Andrea Elias, Norberto Presta and Paulo Marques

Performance and choreography: Andrea Elias

Direction and dramaturgy: Norberto Presta

Costumes: Renata Lamenza

Coordination: Teatro Xirê

Production: Trânsito Produções Culturais

Cia de Dança Teatro Xirê is a dance-theater company established in 2003 by the actress, dancer and choreographer Andrea Elias. Her first productions are children’s dance-theater. One of the main motivations of the company is the relationship with the audience through the body-in-action of the performer. The company work is based on issues considered necessary to be addressed, thus understanding their way to act as political and social tools. The company is actively engaged in the democratization of access to contemporary dance, and has shown its productions in several cities of Brazil, Latin America, Europe and Asia. After the children’s productions ‘Ciranda’ (2003), ‘When I will grow up I want to be…’ (2007), and ‘Entrelace’ (2011), ‘Esther Williams does not want to swim any longer’ (2012) is its first production for the adult audience.

Free entrance. Limited seats.

This activity is the outcome of a collaboration between the residence programme of Cra’p and the City of Mollet del Vallès


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