CRA’P resident May 2014


Following the artistic process I have been involved in over the last few years, this is a work that includes dance and clowning and investigates the boundary between both genders.

My interest in dance focuses not so much on a specific style or aesthetics, but on a way of understanding the body on stage. Unlike the theatrical tradition, based primarily on a text, where the body communicates through its actions and psychological behavior, dance communicates through presence and movement in space and time. Thus, the goal of the dancer is not mastering the language, but managing to escape from it, enlarging the space between sign and sign.

The clown shows us that language is a game. A useful tool, but not reality. Thus, the work of the clown is to master our emotional and mental patterns, show them and challange the common sense.

From the combination of these two genres, apears an absurd humor that combines moments with a clear narrativity with other with more ambiguios and symbolic meaning.

Diana Gadish: dancer and clown. She has lived in Tel-Aviv, Barcelona and Amsterdam. She studied Fine Arts at Barcelona University and choreography at SNDO (School for New Dance Development)-Amsterdam. As a performer she has worked on projects of dance, theater, clown and performance art in several European countries. In 2008 she came into contact with the world of clowning through Jango Edwards, being a regular member of Cabaret Cabron and studying and collaborating with Nouveau Clown Institute. Currently she performs solo with her shows where she investigates the connection between dance and clown. At the same time, she also collaborates with other companies of both disciplines.

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