CRA’P resident April – May 2014


In science fiction, a portal is a gateway to another world of the past, present, future, or to an expanded awareness.  Portal is also an entry point (‘cyber door’) on the Internet to a specific site.

Portal explores around the subject Digiphrenia, a term presented by Douglas Rushkoff in his book called Present Shock. This term reflects on how technology lets us exist in more than one place – and self – at the same time. The alienation between body and mind, the perception of time and space, the absence of presence; are other subjects we research around the theme of Digiphrenia.

Are we living our life or are we simulating we are living?

Núria Guiu Sagarra  starts classical dancce at Marta Pons School in Mollet del Vallès. In 2001 discovers the contemporary dance world through Lucía Sanchez Salinas and the space La Serradora. She graduates atInstitut del Teatre de Barcelona and becomes member of the young company ITDansa. Works with different dance companies such as: Batsheva Dance Company, Carte Blanche and  La Veronal. Lately she has workes as a choreographic assitent of a german choreographer called Arco Renz.

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