CRA’P collaborations 2013

Thursday 4th of July at 19:30
Cultural Center La Marineta – Mollet del Vallès

CRA’P presents Toni Serra and OVNI Archives in the cicle ‘Visual Marineta’.

Toni Serra *) Abu Ali, author of video works and video programs. He is a founding member of the OVNI Archives [], while he is also working in several research  projects: >TrasnArab and Babylon Archives, Ru’a [visions], amongst others. His video works explore different visions between the essay and the poetry, and they get immersed into the different relationships existing with the visionary, the inner experience, the no man’s land in between the real and unreal, the dream and the awakeness, the poetry and profecy, in order to deepen the criticism of reality.

OVNI Archives: the Observatory Archives are structured around particular themes and have a clear purpose: to encourage a critique of contemporary culture and society, using different strategies: video art, independent documentary, and mass media archaeology.

The Archives cover a huge range of works that are very different from one another, but share a commitment to freedom of expression and reflect on our individual and collective fears and pleasures. Together, they offer a multifaceted view, thousands of tiny eyes that probe and explore our world and announce other possible worlds. It is a discourse that above all values heterogeneity, plurality, contradiction and subjectivity, an antidote to the cloning and repetition of corporate mass media.

Given that the call for entries organized by OVNI every 18 months is theme-based, the works selected over the years offer a reading, a kind of record of some of the dreams and nightmares of our times. We have seen the range of issues and preoccupations become more focused over time, from works with very diverse themes in OVNI 1993 to 1996 (extending and exploring the video medium, regaining the formal and the thematic freedom of its early years), to progressively narrow down to increasingly specific themes: identity versus media (1997-1998), community (2000), globalisation (2002), Post Sept 11th (2003), Resistances (2005), The Colonial Dream Autonomous Zones (2006), Exodus, The Margins of the Empire (2008), Dis_Reality (2011), Oblivion (2012)

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This activity is part of the collaboration of the International Seminar ARTWORKS & LANDMARKS with the City Council of Mollet del Vallès




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