CRA’P resident March – April – August 2013


This artistic residence is a great opportunity to initiate my investigation through my body and writing about the concepts of poetical terrorism, exhaustion thru perfomative creations. To investigate some answer, more doubts, knowledge and create possibilities. Based in the schizo- analysis  philosophy  and the poetical terrorism, at the moment, is crucial to investigate all the implications that this theory could have over the body, in each gesture, in each breathe, look and….

Miriam Lange Guerra: B.A in Interpretation, Literature and Foreign Languages , began her research process in teather and practice of schizo- analysis philosophy during her degree in Brasil,  when she founded a theater group to put theory into body expression. Searching for diverse strategy to potentiate life, she moved to Europe. After one year travelling, seeing and get knowing this side of the planet, she lives now in Barcelona where continues her research, until life’s next moment of havoc.



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