CRA’P resident April 2013 to July 2014


Research and creation work shared with Esther Freixa as coach. This work starts from a performing material with puppets created by me three years ago when I returned to Spain after two years spent in South America.

Where I am now as a person, actress, performer? How the performing act relates to my life as a stage?

I plan to deconstruct the initial text in order to find a new dramaturgy from which will emerge the voices of each body by rebuilding the material unto new meanings: Who are these puppets? Who am I? Who moves whom? What is the space we create and how it creates us?










Sigrid Kollmannsperger: The beginning of the practice of clown in the circus school of Alcorcón (Madrid), leads her to suddenly end her career as a technical architect. From there, she becomes a founding member of Extra-Vagante Theatre, a company directed by Hernán Gené, where she works on the basis of theatre anthropology. She continues her training process through various acting and dance techniques as well as body and voice practices, doing research about the performative act. She likes a lot the creation related to the plastic arts using recycled materials from which the construction of puppets arises, and it is with them that nowadays she is developing a process of theatre research and creation. Also works serving people with disabilities at the Foundation Pere Mitjans. She is a member of the company Varietats a l’ombra that performs actions within the environment  of academic education in the University of Barcelona, using theatre forums and performances.

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