CRA’P presentations 2012

4th and 5th of july at 20:30 in CRA’P


with David Eudave, Leonardo Mancini, Pei Hwee Tan and Francesc Torrent

A theatrical story that recounts a grotesque trip and displays a particular panoply of man… The old story about the Fall.

A circle, a ventriloquist, a dance of the shadows of conscience, a blind man, transformed traditional songs, a hanging cord, the movement of time, the apparition of word… Fills del drap – Retaule d’una caiguda unfolds a series of scenes that, following a kaleidoscopic perspective and through a dynamic montage of precise actions, narrate the epic of the fallen man and his tormented desire to return. This story could be like some sort of dreamlike ritornello: maybe we did not know it before, but we will probably be able to recognize it.

Going to look for man like the one who goes to cut trees. To write like someone who is about to devastate the entire forest. Poetics of the felling. Heads rolling. Branches in free fall. Lead. The lead of reaping. And a text right at the end, when all is done.
from La caça de l’home, by A. Balasch


The creation of Fills del drap – Retaule d’una caiguda has gone through a special process. After being germinated and grown, the piece has initiated a phase of traveling abroad in order to share its creative discoveries with different groups and spectators. Today, presenting the piece at CRA’P – creation practices and artistic research, two unic oportunities to see this special scenic proposal!

Fills del drap – Retaule d’una caiguda is a theatre piece conceived by a group situated in Barcelona. We are four actors from Mexico, Italy, Singapore and Catalonia. The piece is presented under the umbrella of La Vella Fam, an artistic platform that accommodates and supports productions, research, exchanges and diffusion in the performing arts terrain and hosts the creative work of its members.


With texts from: A. Balasch, É. Cioran, V. Novarina, M. Capdevila, H. Melville, P. Celan, M.L. King, J. C. de Lautréamont, Cohèlet. The last book of the catalan poet Albert Balasch, La caça de l’home, provides the axis around which textual sources are organized.

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