CRA’P Resident April to August 2024


This proposal springs from my research with a scarf given to me by a distant aunt from Cordoba. It feels like a manila shawl, but small. From the first moment this scarf caught my attention, it is orange, soft and its fringes tell me things.

At a certain moment I start to play with it, to investigate the sensations it produces in my body, its softness, … I put it on my head in front of a mirror. Its fringes fall on my face and I feel the weight of culture…

And I continue researching: the scarf is that which oppresses me, I try to move forward, to advance and I can’t, it pulls me backwards, I put it around my neck, and it suffocates me. I feel that the scarf is filled with historical and cultural content.

I begin to explore movements and sensations, I dance some images that come to me and some feelings, …







Patricia San Mateo Hidalgo (Barcelona, 1979). I have studied engineering, anthropology and consciousness expansion therapy, past lives. I am a seeker of what it is to be human, and I am gradually finding the answers within myself. I no longer look outwards.

I have been doing seitai for more than 10 years: Katzugen – spontaneous movement and yuki – the accompaniment of the body using the hands, a way of sensing myself that helps me in my creative processes, as it allows me to listen whatever the body wants to tell me. For many years I have danced: jazz, oriental dance, Andalusian dance, Latin dance and classic dance. I have also practised improvisation dance with live music and duende dance. And lately I’ve found dance theatre and Brazilian forró dance, which I love.

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