CRA’P Collaborations 2024

Friday 26 Abril at 20h
Mercat Vell – Mollet del Vallès

CRA’P presents “ànima” a dance performance by Oscar Dasí

In 2013, shortly after leaving La Porta, I received an invitation from the Ensalle Theatre in Vigo to participate in ‘Seis Cordas’, a programme where more than a piece, I was asked to share the outline or outline of a future work. And I accepted. It seemed to me an excellent opportunity to put my body on stage again, and to continue reflecting on the conditions that make the encounter with the other, with the others, possible. On that occasion I wrote the following text:

I have abdicated from continuing to be what I was. I have consciously renounced my identity, in order to be able to strip myself of myself and thus, dispossessed, return to feeling inexperienced, immature, once again fresh flesh and free to enjoy the pleasure of desire. I have abolished the reality that sustained me and I have dedicated myself to observe how the fixed structure cracks under the weight of life itself, to observe the debris of what I was scattered around me. Quietly, without trying to attenuate the impact of the fall, resisting the urge to patch things up, the impulse to put myself back together again. Throwing myself into action, joyful, dispossessed, contemplating failure as the most likely of horizons. I have abdicated to attempt the impossible, to be born again.

Revisiting ànima now, 10 years later, is a gesture and a celebration. It is also a mystery.


Artistic information

A proposal by Oscar Dasí
Music: Diabelli Variations – Ludwig van Beethoven played by Rémi Geniet
Music advice: Rubén Ramos

Collaboration: La Caldera

Tickets sell:

Cultural centre La Marineta (Pl. De l’Església, 7, from Monday to Friday from 15.30h till 21h)
Mercat Vell: at box-office, the same day one hour before the performance, if tickets available.

Fee: 10€


Oscar Dasí. Dancer and choreographer with a long professional career. He has collaborated with numerous national and international companies and artists, as well as developing his own creations on stage, and video dance projects.

Since 1993, and until its dissolution in 2013, it has been part of the collective LA PORTA, where he shares with Carmelo Salazar the artistic direction and assumes the general coordination of projects. Twenty years dedicated to generating innovative contexts to support the creation, promotion and dissemination of dance and contemporary performing arts. A period of constant experimentation with presentation devices and formats, new management models and communication strategies that transformed the way of perceiving and thinking about dance in our context.

Since 2013, driven by his interest in the knowledge that emerges from artistic practices related to the body and its transmission, he has been promoting and participating in various encounters and creative laboratories, spaces for the construction of collective knowledge, such as Mortal de necesidadmisiondivina o ¿Bailar, es eso lo que queréis? (Teatro Pradillo). A moment in which he once again puts his body on stage with the creation of ànima, and collaborating as a performer with Carlos Marquerie (Entre las luces y las sombras: Libertad), and Aimar Pérez Galí (The Touching Community).

Since September 2016 and until December 2023 he has been artistic director of LA CALDERA.


This activity is the result of the collaboration of CRA’P within the celebration programme of the International Dance Day of the City Council of Mollet del Vallès.



Photo: Alba Montañez

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