CRA’P Collaborations 2024

23 and 24 Mach from 10h to 14h

The workshop intends to explore the relationship between the body and the mask, and at the same time to develop the multiple and distinct expressions of the mask through the different qualities of the movement, the rhythm, the breathing and the gaze.

Work will be done individually and in groups in order to make possible brief encounters between masks in which the participants will perform a theatrical situation between characters.







Conducted by Toni Cots

Registration: / 93 570 49 37
Space of CRA’P

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Toni Cots is a researcher, actor, maker and director of performing arts. He has studied Topeng mask theatre in Bali (Indonesia), Nihon Buyo in Japan and martial arts in Bali and India. For 5 years he was an active member of the ISTA (International School of Theatre Anthropology) directed by Eugenio Barba – Odin Theatre. For a period of 10 years he coordinated, created and/or directed international cultural projects in Denmark and Scandinavia related to emigration and exile in different countries. He has worked and conducted courses and workshops in Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, among others. Since 2011 he is a member and co-founder of Cra’p.


This activity is the result of the collaboration of CRA’P within the programme of celebration of the International Theatre Day of the City Council of Mollet del Vallès.


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