CRA’P Residencies 2024

31 January at 19h
CRA’P space

“Wake up Topia” indirectly relates to life, time, and those left behind. Through poetic images and original compositions, the choreographer and dancer, Emilie Lund (Eluda Dance Co. – Black Circle) in collaboration with the composer and performing artist Petra Banke, invite you into their universe.

The residency began with a theoretical curiosity to investigate the concept of round 360-degree’ spaces under the topic of heterotopia. However, the year turned out to be turbulent for Lund, leading to the development of unexpected material. This has led to the performance “Wake Up Topia.” The first half of the performance was presented in 2023, and the goal is to complete the entire performance in 2024. The focus on the 360-degree’ space and its impact on the performance has been a constant research alongside the creative process.

(The project has received support from: CRAP, Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, Edward Tamayo, Humberto Baeza, Janina Matter, Hans-Olof Tani).






Photo  Tommy Bay

Presentation of the creation process.

Free admission. Limited capacity.


Emilie Lund from Black Circle – Eluda Dance Co. In this project Lund has been in charge of theoretical writing, leadership, choreography, and dance/performing. Lund graduated as a choreographer and dancer, and is holding a master’s in Aesthetics & Culture. Over the past 8 years, she has worked in Mexico, Germany, and Denmark, creating several video works, dance performances, and projects where performing arts, body language, and architecture intersect.

Petra Banke composer and performing artist, has been creating the sonic universe of the performance “Wake Up Topia.” She has also appeared as a performer on the stage in some versions of the live performance. Petra is a self-taught artist who, in the last 4 years, has worked in various productions as a sound designer, musician, and performer at the Nordic Theatre Laboratory, as an actor for KASSANDRA PRODUCTIONS, and as an actor/musician for theater director Ignacio Tamagno in Argentina.


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