CRA’P resident January to December 2024


Cruuu is a process; a self-discovery of a being in front of the public. This discovery will lead to different me-tamorphoses. Stories that surface, that are made and undone; fragments of old legends that appear and transform. A journey towards a primordial innocence, almost ancestral, and with a good dose of absurdity; from the smallest and sensitive to madness and emotional outburst.

The piece mixes the emotionality and defined behavior of the clown with a formal play with costumes, in-troducing choreographic moments with a certain abstraction and an open poetics typical of dance.

Following a constant in my artistic creation, I seek to create a piece of formal simplicity, that can connect with diverse audiences (of different ages and cultural backgrounds), but that at the same time opens an experimental poetics and is focused on an investigation into the body on scene. A subtle investigation into the presence in which I have been involved as an artist for more than twenty years.










Diana Gadish. Performing artist linked to clowning, dance and performance. She studied first cycle of Fine Arts at the U.B. (Barcelona University) and in 2007 she graduated from S.N.D.O. (Choreography studies in Amsterdam).

As a performer he has worked on dance, theater, clown and performance art projects in several countries (Holland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Mexico). In 2008 she came into contact with the clown world working with Jango Edwards in Cabaret Cabrón. Since 2015 she has worked as a clinic clown with the NGO Pallapupas.

In her own work, Diana uses a personal and unclassifiable language, with the body and comedy as the central axis. With her creations Hiccup for Home (2007), Genesis Joplin (2009), Lucy Live (2013), Handle with care (2016), Atlantis. Sketch of a Landscape (2018) and Atlantis, Requiem of a Landscape (2020) she has performed in several European and Latin American countries.

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