CRA’P Workshops 2024

Saturday 27 January from 10h to 13h

This workshop is designed to enhance the creativity of those interested in expanding their artistic interests through the screen-printing technique. On this occasion we propose to imprint the CRA’P logo on your t-shirt, cloth bag, etc. We will also have some printing screens in case you want to imprint other images as well. Each participant will have to bring with them the t-shirts, bags or whatever they wish to imprint (dark or light colours).







Conducted by Kabuseta Studio

Fee: 15€

Registration: / 666 763 504

CRA’P Space


Kabuseta Studio is a special space where creativity becomes alive. It is a place where you can explore art in exciting ways. In our studio, we invite you to participate in artistic activities such as printmaking and visual expression. Inspired by the idea of being a unique and different place, we seek to break away from the rigid and boring structures that sometimes limit our creativity. Here, we want you to feel free to express yourself without restrictions, allowing you to discover and develop your artistic potential in a welcoming and stimulating environment.


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