CRA’P Resident january 2024

Oll from 0’60

Oll from 0’60 is the name of Danilo Facelli’s next solo project, a performative show that grows in parallel to his fifth book, which will bear the same title, and from which will come the texts that will be in the piece.

The project stems from the sensation and subsequent study of how “Lo cutre” (there is no translation into English) envelops us, pierces us and worsens our quality of life to a greater or lesser extent. Not only in the products we consume: food, clothes, vehicles, technology, culture… but also in the human rela-tionships, in our fears, desires…

Oll from 0’60 is a critical, poetic, comic and tender montage. The audience will find themselves in the attic of a department store, with the stock boy (a character inspired by Giulietta Massina in her different films with Fellini). Through physical actions, poems and monologues, in total communication with the audience, he will develop the plot of the piece.






Danilo Facelli Fierro (Pando Uruguay, 1981) Actor, poet, playwright, stage director and bass player. He has worked as stage director in: Infinit (Cia.Zero) Toca Toc (Cia.Paki Paya) On, com, aigua? (Cia Natalia Quintana) Combinat de circ 59 (Ateneu Popular de 9 Barris) As an actor and playwright he has been part of the companies: aQú Teatro, Los Estupendos Estúpidos, Paki Paya, and Vivir del Bolo (With which he continues to work). He plays bass and writes lyrics in the musical group Alunizaje. Since 2014 he has been coordinating the stage poetry cycle Perifèric Poetry Mataró, and gives the intensive training course La Palabra Viva. He has published the books: Soñando Con (Editorial Quaq), Chupitos (Edicions Tre-mendes), La Tierra y el Barrio (Edicions Tremendes), Material Inflamable (Perfil Criativo edições).

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