CRA’P Presentations 2023

29 September at 20:00 at CRA’P space

To consider is to draw stars together. Constellations are just imaginary lines, lines imagined by the viewer. There should be as many constellations as there are ways of looking at them. I consider cells of stories, cartoons, scenes, and I connect them by the points that I find in common, by the paths that my body, committed to the experience, has in common. Sometimes distances are long, and it is exactly there, when and where art emerges. The ouroboros, the infinity, the swirls in the path, the lines twist as they travel the distances between the stars.


As the result of years of research into movement improvisation and the states of dance as altered states of consciousness, this piece appeared as a choreographic constellation. This structure is mutable in its form and fixed in its content, that is to say, we know what the stars are, but not which are the paths between them: they mutate each time they are trodden, they are experienced. The body is both the star and the pathways between the stars. According to astronomy, a constellation is a conventional grouping of stars, linked by imaginary traces “invented” by those who observe them, and by those who consider them.








Artistic credits:
Creation, interpretation, dramaturgy and text: Àfrica Martínez Ferrin
Music: Spiritus Sanctus Vivificans. Christopher Monks – Anna Sandström – Hildegard of Bingen – Armonico Consort
Production: La Colmena de Àfrica
Premiere: 17 December 2022, I Festival de Danza de Algeciras.

Tickets: 12€ (10€ collaborators and associated members of CRA’P)


Àfrica Martínez Ferrin. Barcelona 1980. Choreographer, dancer, singer, creator and director of the performing arts centre La Colmena de Àfrica (WWW.LACOLMENADEAFRICA.COM). Graduated in dance at the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona, Erasmus at Fontys Hogescholen (The Netherlands) and internship at Damaged Goods/Meg Stuart, Berlin.

Attends the seminars The Serpent’s Fool (Sacred Trust/ England), Artwork and Landmarks (Barcelona/Rome/Beirut), Lip Liderazgo, Innovación y Poder (Innovacció/Barcelona). As a choreographer she has created solo pieces (médium, 2022, VICKY, una suerte de victoria, 2021, EN.TU.SI.AMO, 2017, Must show go on? 2011), duets (Odette & Odile sao o mesmo cisne, 2017, Royal Pinocho 2008, Carne Acústica 2005), choreographic pieces for community dance (Ready, Steady, Go!, 2017, Savia nueva… Vieja sabia, 2020), the latter being a beneficiary of the Art for change 2019 programme of the Fundación la Caixa, as well as choral pieces (Es inmortal, 2009). As a performer she has worked nationally and internationally with the following creators and companies: Dolors Artigas (Spain), Luk van de Dries & Louise Chardon (Belgium), Maite Marcos (Spain), Sol Picó (Spain), La Veronal (Spain), Madalena Vitorino (Portugal), Sofia Neuparth (Portugal), Ainhoa Vidal (Portugal), Stefan Kaegi/ Rimini Protokoll (Berlin), Companhia CRL Circolando (Portugal), among others.

As a singer and composer, she works regularly in musical ensembles, in duo and trio format, in projects such as DRAGONFLY, together with Antonio Rei and NÄCAR, a bossanova and jazz project, together with Andrius Masileonis and David León. She is currently preparing her first original musical project. She is the mother of two children.



Photos: Alba Montañez

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