CRA’P Collaborations 2023

Friday 10 November from 19:30h to 21:30h
Auditorium of the Cultural Centre La Marineta, Mollet del Vallès.

CRA’P is presenting in collaboration with the OVNI Archives – Observatory of Unidentified Video, a video programme with a subsequent colloquium on the limits that separate reason from the human condition, carrying out an incursion into the confines of reality and a reflection on the violence inherent in any war – whether of low or high intensity – that is, the losses, pain and human suffering, which they entail.

• Con altri occhi (With other eyes), by Alesssandro Quaranta, 13’ (Italy) (2014) VOSE.
A film of a partisan’s reactions to the images of those snowy landscapes he had crossed seventy years ago. The memory of a place between life and death.

• Inner Lines, by Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd, 88’, 16 mm, (Belgium-France), VOSE.
Around Mount Ararat, in Turkey and Armenia, the inhabitants and their courier pigeons move along these parallel paths in search of communities submerged in war. Men and women bear witness to what they have endured, to their shattered lives, to life struggling against death.







Free admission (limited capacity)

The materials contained in the OVNI Archives are the result of different thematic research projects, an entire constellation of titles with the common denominator of their free expression and reflection on individual and collective fears and pleasures, constructing as altogether a multi-faceted vision, like thousands of little eyes, which are delving into and exploring our world, or announce other possible ones.

This activity is the result of CRA’P’s collaboration with the Arts and Scene programme of Mollet del Vallès City Council.


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