CRA’P resident November 2011 to January 2012


After I specialized as an acrobat juggling at the Circus School Rogelio Rivel, I’m looking for new moves. My goal for this residency is to mix stylized movements, with objects, escaping from the slavery involved on manipulating an object. The basic idea is that the movement will lead to a release or a particular manipulation, and not the oposite. At first, when I just specialized as a juggler, I felt tied to the element so it was this that made me do the movements. Now I’m looking a movement to cause an effect on the object. On the other hand, I work with acrobatic movement  as part of my dance and/or body language.


Carlos Paco Pitarch: I start my experience at Mollet during a regular circus course at Can Pantiquet togheter with dance formation at La Serradora. Interested by the circus arts I do intensive courses at Rogelio Rivel School. At the age of 20 I register to study Science of physical activity and Sport. But is not until 2 years ago that I take the biennal course at Rogelio Rivel Circus School, specialized at acrobat joggling, with intensive formations in France at the Centre du arts du cirque Le Lido.


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