Strands of movement and language

CRA’P Workshops 2023

22 and 23 April from 11h to 17h

Strands of Movement and Language
strand 2, noun A – a single thin length of something such as thread, fibre, or wire, esp. as twisted together with others: a strand of cotton B – an element that forms part of a complex whole: Marxist theories evolved from different strands of social analysis. ORIGIN late 15th cent.: of unknown origin.

Body Weather is a comprehensive approach to training and performance that investigates the intersections of bodies and their environments. Bodies are conceived not as fixed and separate entities but as constantly changing – just like the weather. Weather is seen as a complex system of forces and influences coursing through and beyond bodies and the world.

The term & philosophical basis for Body Weather was founded in the early 1980’s by dancer Min Tanaka and further developed by Laboratories worldwide. Frank van de Ven was a member of Tanaka’s Maijuku Performance Company in Japan, from 1983-1991. With Katerina Bakatsaki he leads Body Weather Amsterdam, a platform for training and performance. Since 1995 he conducts the annual, interdisciplinary Bohemiae Rosa Project with Milos Sejn (Academy Of Art and Design, Prague, Czech Republic), connecting body and landscape with art, geology and architecture.

As a training, Body Weather is of relevance to anyone interested in exploring the body and physical presence. A specific field of inquiry for this Barcelona workshop will be the interaction and symbiotic relation between language and movement from a Body Weather perspective. Vocal and physical scores can be taken to stand for mind/body relations. We look at how minds and bodies work together and explore ways to dis- and re- connect them, and use what we find in dance and theatre improvisation and composition.

This workshop is suited to dance, theatre and movement practitioners, and to artists of various backgrounds.







Conducted by Frank van de Ven (BW Amsterdam/Melbourne)

110€ (100€ members of the APdC, AADPC, AGT and graduates from the Theatre Institute of Barcelona / 90€ CRA’P collaborators and associated members).

Registration: / 639 162 720‬

CRA’P space

Organize: Sara Pons and CRA’P


Frank van de Ven (BW Amsterdam/Melbourne) is a dancer and director who spent his formative years in Japan working with Min Tanaka and the Maijuku Performance Company (1983-92). In 1993, he founded with Katerina Bakatsaki Body Weather Amsterdam as a platform for training and performance. He is one of the foremost Body Weather practitioners in Europe performing and teaching regularly all over Europe as well as intermittently in USA, New Zealand and Australia. He has an ongoing commitment to his Body/Landscape series of workshops conducted worldwide and since 1995 he has led the annual, interdisciplinary Bohemiae Rosa Project with Milos Sejn (Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Czech Republic,) connecting body and landscape with art, geology and architecture. The collaborative Thought/Action performances with Australian theatre artist Peter Snow have been presented in Australia, USA, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

Organisations and institutions he has worked with include: Dansens hus Oslo – APDI Dublin – Te Whaea National Dance and Drama Centre Wellington – Dancehouse Melbourne – Werkhuys Antwerp – Musikhochschule Koln – C de la B Gent Belgium – Dansens Hus Copenhagen – Monash University Melbourne – SNDO Amsterdam – Kramhusid Reykjavik – Academy of Performing Arts Prague – Map Festival Melaka Malaysia – Charleroi Danses Brussels – CIRA Strasbourg – Greenwich Dance London – Copenhagen Film and Theatre School Copenhagen – MA Performing Arts New University Lisbon – Unitec Auckland.

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