CRA’P Collaborations 2023

Saturday 28 January at 21h
Can Gomà Theatre – Mollet del Vallès

CRA’P presents “Life is a dark force” a show by Colectivo Ameno and Danilo Facelli

X and Z are children of the night. Fed up with the discomfort caused by the excess of artificial light, they decide to act. To become shadows, and pierce the darkness in order to live in a world where they can see the stars.







Artistic credits:

Creation and acting: Marc Rodrigo and Danilo Facelli
Dramaturgy: Marc Rodrigo and Danilo Facelli, based on Santiago López Petit texts
Artistic coach: Piero Steiner
Light design: Dani Miracle
Photography: David Momblan
Collaborators: Fundació La Plana, CRA’P, Café de las Artes Teatro, Mataró City Council, Cultura Mataró, Can Gassol, Masnou City Council, Cia. PakiPaya, Artesorio, Arbúcies City Council.

Languages: Catalan and Spanish
Duration: 60 minutes.


Marc Rodrigo Gutierrez
After graduating in philosophy, I began to devote myself to the world of clown. Ten years later, in 2011 I formed Colectivo Ameno company, of which I am the only member. My scenic proposals combine philosophy, humour and performance.

As Colectivo Ameno I have two shows: Filosofía Amena, a humorous philosophy conference and Saunterer, an itinerant performance based on walking as an act of resistance, in the philosophy of Santiago López Petit and in Els Pressentiments of Espai en Blanc. The piece was premiered at the Grec festival in Barcelona and has also been at Fira Tàrrega, Escena Poblenbou, Barcelona Pensa (Biennal del Pensament de Barcelona) TNT de Terrassa, Festival Internacional de Solos de Póvoa de Varzim (Portugal)…

I have been part of the Imbecilities group of Pep Vila and Zinc Co., a comic theatre company with which we created the Marathon street show. I have been a presenter in many events, among others, Perpetracions, Festival de Performance or El Meu Primer Festivalthe, both in Barcelona.

I am also part of Diana Gadish’s company, making the live music of her show Handle With Care, with which we have performed in different festivals in Europe: Belgium, Slovenia, Denmark, Ireland … and since 2018 I have been part of the Pallapupas hospital clown team.

In 2019 I premiered the traveling performance The Other Map with Maria Stoyanova, a community project chosen by the European platform of alternative theatres Be Spectactive, with which we were in Zagreb, Toulouse, Ljubljana and Santander.


Danilo Facelli Fierro
The ways in which I develop my work are several: writing poetry books and theatrical pieces, acting in humour shows, conducting circus shows, presenting galas, programming poetry cycles, teaching oral workshops and reciting my poems wherever they call me.

My artistic career begins in 2004, self-publishing publications and selling them on the street. This led me to be part of the theatre company aQù Teatro in 2005 and the clowns company Los Estupendos Estupidos in 2006. In 2007 I founded the Vivir del Bolo project, with which I continue to create live humour, poetry and music shows and with which, currently, I keep the shows: Recital Todoterreno and Los Dos Capullos.

My experience as a workshop was born in 2013, when I create and impart intensive training The Word alive. A year later, in February 2014, my adventure as a programmer begins with the Perifèric Poetry Mataró cycle, which is held once a month at Cafè de Mar. In 2016, the Zero circus company invited me to write and direct his second show (IN) Finit.

In 2017 I stop selling poetry in the street (leave that I break from time to time) and my first book of poems Soñando Con, with the publishing house Quaq. In 2018 I publish with Edicions Tremendes a book of aphorisms, titled CHUPITOS.

In 2019 I am selected to generate and represent Aldarri, a street theatre piece, directed by the company Metrokoadroka and created for the Eztena Festival (Orereta, Gipuzkoa). I have presented La Verbena Poética at the Barcelona Poetry Festival and I was chosen to perform at the Literary Combat show at the BAM de la Mercè festival.


Cultural Center La Marineta (Pl. de l’Església, 7, from Monday to Friday from 15:30 to 21h).
Theatre Can Gomà: at Box Office, on the same day one hour before the show, if there are tickets left.

5€. Limited seats.

This activity is the result of a CRA’P collaboration in the Arts i Escena Program of the City of Mollet del Vallès.


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