( the mediating body )

CRA’P Workshops 2023

Tuesdays, 12:30 to 14:30. From January to May. Starting 10th January. ONLINE.

Throughout this workshop we will approach the body as an

interrogation, the space as

labyrinth, time as the breath of the ongoing presence,  the movement as

place of dis-covery.

It is then about how to cultivate the listening that allows us to access the con-tact ..

Of what moves you ?,..

To the potential encounter of a dance as a real experience, or organic manifestation of

what happens through us

From there ,.. the oracular body consists of the development of a practice through the

movement that commits us as a place of mediation .. . or (mediating body)

Thus, dancing by releasing a playful state, increases our availability

of attention – emission and transmission, unfolding possibilities of a

relational body-space that com-prehends the simultaneity of happening.

We will channel the practice from anchorages and technical connections

towards the development of compositional improvisation, leading into

a creative process of unclogging, or gradual liberation of the presence.

* In this meeting we will explore different tools and technical implementations such as :

– The body as a channel
– The state of play
– Corpography – sequence and score
– From the body of detail to the panoramic vision
– Oblique listening, perception and resonance
– Tactility : skills and qualities of movement
– Breathing of the presence
– The presence as transparency
– Constellational vision
– The relational space.

..Space presents itself to the one who walks through it …”. Roland Barthes ” .

.. We are inhabited by a breath that conjugates origin and present ,

to listen to the puff implies approaching the

heart of the game…” Chantal Maillard “.

..The artist is a mediator capable of giving form to the subtlest energies, he is a being in continuous training ,

thus, his lack is his gift… ” Pablo Palazuelo “.

.. Dance is not something that is shown but that allows to see through … that unthought naked-ness .

.. Transcending the individual perspective in order to access the relational dimension … com-prehending is a feeling that transforms

our linear gaze into a constellational vision .

.. The language of the body is perhaps a manifestation of what is

hushed ,  that which the memory drags in its blood

, stammering of what has not yet been pronounced … half-born, rather than speak listen … calling , like this

we discover , to some extent is about our most intimate

capacity to express ourselves .

.. The world manifests itself through us and it is by failing to understand that we dance….

a body consists in its potential for unfolding, for spacing … in dancing we are thus transited …” Didi Huberman ” .









Imparted by Mónica Valenciano

Limited places.

70€/month (60€/month for CRA’P members and collaborators).

info@cra-p.org / 687 558 878

ONLINE through the Meets platform.


Mónica Valenciano is winner of the 2012 National Dance Award in the category of Creation.

Degree in Dance and Drama – from the Theatre and Dance Institute of Barcelona –  and the RESAD of Madrid. Continuing her training with different courses, among others – Improvisation Dance with (Katie Duck) – Archery – Qigong – Afro-Peruvian Rhythm with (Victoria Santa Cruz) – R. Laban Technique with (Pilar Urreta) – Boxing – Yoga (Iyengar) – Kathak Dance in Benares (India) – Flamenco beat (Madrid) – and Tai Chi in The Traditional School of Wudang (China). She has been part of the Collective – “U.V.I – La Inesperada”. Pradillo Community – and of the Group of shared practices – “misión divina”.

She dances… as someone digging into the body, un-blocking, opening new circuits that might enable access to the listening of her voice.

Exploring through body-graphic writing – the breath of movement – the acoustics of gesture – multifocality of the body – the unfolding body in its polyphony and relational possibilities . Witnessing the discovery of textures, tonalities, skills and qualities that emerge from a continuous process of disclosure.

Capturing the happening itself, from this listening to the body-movement as an instrument and place of resonance, from the formulation of a language that does not try to explain anything, but involves us in the convocation of this encounter …By cultivating a state of presence that resonates intimately through the spectator.

She investigates the ability to inhabit any space – to learn to accompany time – to free the voice of the body hidden in the dancing body – to be in the air of any movement… in this way to disappear better and better, to allow something to appear be-comes almost the essential movement.

In this journey she has transited through different stations, giving rise to different pieces and rehearsals. Among others: The series of the 9 “Disparates” (inspired by Goya’s engravings), Canción Laberinto, Un Pescador con subtítulos, Impregnaciones en la Srta Nieve y Guitarra, Borrado En-Canto, Imprenta Acústica en (14 borrones ) de una aparición produced by Naves MATADERO (Madrid), with the collaboration of L’animal a la Esquena (Girona), Teatro Ensalle (Vigo), Estudio 3 (Madrid), Mnemosyna in collaboration with Patricia Caballero produced by La Poderosa, Festival Salmon (Mercat de les Flors), Espacio Silvestre (El Graner). Barcelona. Month of dance. Seville. Es luna llena en la cicatriz, produced by NAVES MATADERO in collaboration with the visual artist Elena del Rivero and curated by Mateo Feijoo.

In addition to video works: Srta Nieve y Guitarra made by Chus Domínguez. Octava Errante a commission by Pedro G. Romero, Ensayos para Nada y Ave a commission by Javier Corcovado, the film He venido a Leer la Noche directed by Manuel F.Valdés (produced by NAVES MATADERO), the documentary La Voz del Cuerpo, directed by Marta Blanco, as a register of a rehearsal journal about the process of “Imprenta Acústica en ..(14 borrones ) ..de una Aparición”.

Also, various publications. Texts and drawings: Disparates – published by PLIEGOS de TEATRO y DANZA – (Antonio F.Lera). Música en los huesos – published by – LA LUZ ROJA. Diarios de una estación – published by – LA PORTA. Cuadernos de la nave – edited by – LA LUZ ROJA. Un pescador con subtítulos – edited by – ESCRITO A LÁPIZ. La voz del cuerpo – edited by – PLIEGOS DE TEATRO Y DANZA – (Antonio F.Lera). Currently being edited: El Cuerpo como lugar de Aparición – Ediciones DocumentA/Escénicas – (Gabriela Halac).

Her works have been shared in different festivals in Spain, Europe, USA and Latin America.

She continues a line of creation and research in collaboration with “El Bailadero – G.I.B.”, as well as giving Workshops and Sessions for the Master of creation (Universidad Carlos III), or shared practices with other artists.

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