CRA’P resident September – October 2022


Artistic residence to create a theatrical piece with masks and puppets that presents some possible moments of the millennial journey of hominids, particularly of the homo-sapiens family, on the planet Earth.

The title of the proposal refers to the theme of the primate lineages, and highlights in the name, the physical circumstance of the erect posture.

In this working process I am interested in elaborating and questioning myself about the most elementary and “natural” aspects of human beings through an analysis and awareness of various postures, movements and body alignments, as well as certain attitudes, conflicts, and social predispositions that they portray.










Emilio Converso Menassé. Visual and scenic artist. He has worked as a creator of sculptures and devices for the stage, as well as a performer, puppeteer and co-director in street theater proposals.

He is the founder of the Tlatelolco Theater Comparsa and later of the collective LAS PLAGAS, a multidisciplinary group that has developed various artistic activities in popular social housings of Mexico City.
As a personal artistic search he has being working for several years on the subject of masks as a facilitating tools for self-exploration and psychosomatic transformation.

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