CRA’P resident September to November 2011

MU – TO (phase 2)

The ‘real’ of Mu-To is its duration; the amount of time that you will go while sitting in your chair. What conception of this show could you have previously? The ‘real’ in Mu-To is also a travel. So is it your body, which contains an infinity of memories and experiences. Which also contains the totality of the oblivion. Digging into your memory you will discover that reinvention is the only way. You will move betwen autobiography and ficction; betwen documental and the scenic construction. You will recover the posible and provoke the imposible.

Laida Azkona Goñistudies dance at The Rambert School in Londres and in SEAD, Salzburg. Cmpleates her education at The Trisha Brown Company Studio and Movement Research, Nova York. In 2006 creates with Jean-Marc Serrano the HIERBA ROJA collective. From her collaborations has created the video- installation In-Out-Loops, the show Coches Rojos, Miedo y Cafeteras and her last creation HASIERA (the beggining of the uncertainty). She has collaborated as a performer at Sens Production (Nova York), Wee/Scavetta Company (Oslo), In this Section – Juschka Weigel (Berlin-Espanya) and the Cia. Bebeto Cidra (Barcelona).



CRA’P residents March – April 2011

MU – TO (phase 1)

The MU-TO Project has a hybrid personality and is based in different disciplines. The body and the action of the scenic arts, the esthetic vision and the audio-visual exploration of the plastic arts and the theory investigation. Mu-To reinvents its reality through the present, past and the strangeness of everyday life. Was formalized as a dance project, but is horizontally constructed like a script, an autobiography of collective creation, a documentary, a visual poem and an a study of the body in movement.
Verónica Eguaras Alcantara is graduated in Fine Arts at the País Basc University. Developes her work inside the plastic arts combining disciplines such as sculpture, photography, drawing or video inside multidiciplinari artistic projects. Especially the videoart as genus and animation as a technique are the characteristics of her audiovisual work. She received the national prize INJUVE of visual arts in 2008. Recently I have made several individual exhibitions at Centre Cultural Bastero, Centre Huarte d’Art Contemporani and collective exhibitions at Cercle de Belles Arts de Madrid or at Centre Torrent Ballester de Ferrol.
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