CRA’P residents march – april 2022


ROKATEI is a performance, choreography and poetry created by Park Keito (Kotomi Nishiwaki and Miquel Casaponsa) using as a starting point the poems of Takahide Nishiwaki (1913-2002). A series of Tanka poems that he wrote during his travels in Japan. Tanka is a short Japanese poetic composition, which speaks of human ephemerality, nonperishability, transcendence and nature. We have made a selection of these poems in order to make a personal and interpretative journey through these poetic snapshots that he describes and experiences in different places with different characters and reflections. How to redraw a choreographic map of ‘channelling states’ and put them on stage. Places unknown to us, which have become different ideal worlds; in a series of impossible synthesising states that lead us to investigate the body and utopian movement.






PARK KEITO is the Barcelona-based association where the work of Kotomi Nishiwaki and Miquel Casaponsa converges. Their research interests and objectives come together in different disciplines such as movement, sound and visual art. Their performance pieces and installations play with the body, movement and sound as the main source of creation, using objects and other elements to compose and choreograph.
His latest creation New(a)days was presented at the Antic Teatre during the Grec 2021 Festival

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