CRA’P Collaborations 2022

Saturday 5th March

Workshop from 10:00 to 17:30 at the Cultural Centre La Marineta
Performance in the Rambla of Mollet city at 18:00

A workshop that seeks a playful approach to the image itself by creating a headdress that is configured as a symbol of an aesthetic fantasy, a desire or a claim.

A delicate and intimate proposal as well as funny and collective in which memories, emotions, disenchantments, joys or encounters are transformed into art. Creations that provide strength, liberation, communication and empowerment in a collective performance, to celebrate the day of the working woman.







Conducted by Fafá Franco, Sienta la cabeza


Registration: / 93 570 49 37 / 93 570 77 47

Beware!! Registration deadline: 25th February

More information:

Fafá Franco – Brazil 1962, in Barcelona since 1991.
Psychologist by training, hairdresser by genetic inheritance and artist by passion.
The central axis of my work is aesthetic transformation as an artistic and identity expression through hairdressing and music conceived as performance art. With proposals in which the participating public is the protagonist, participating in experiences that leave a mark on their relationship with their self-image.
Together with my Cia Sienta la Cabeza for 20 years, we have used the stage as an oasis of playfulness, experimentation and glamour that invites us to change our view of ourselves and others, leaving behind self-imposed limiting beliefs on a daily basis.
Whether in the public square with the show Sienta la Cabeza, or in a more intimate way with the performance installation El Diván de la Peluquera, The Arcaded Courtyard and with the unique performance The First Person Transformation, or in the workshops: Reversible for teenagers, Creative Hairdressing for families and Soulful Headdresses for adults, the goal is always for these experiences to make changes in personal or social aesthetic patterns, leading to a greater understanding and acceptance of the diversity of beauty and, consequently, its aesthetic freedom.

Instagram @fafafranco_style

This activity is the outcome of CRA’P collaborating with the International Women’s Day Programme of the City of Mollet del Vallès.



Photos: Alba Montañez and Cristian Jimenez

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