CRA’P Collaborations 2021

CRA’P in collaboration with the Archives OVNI – Observatory of Video Not Identified, presents a video program with a subsequent discussion about the intermediate world: between the visible and the invisible, sleep and wakefulness …

10 April from 20:00 to 22:00

Le Grand Jihad by Vincent Moon, 9’ (France / Chechnya) (2012). No dialogue.
One of the most beautiful and significant practices of the great jihad is the ritual ceremony of dhikr (zikr). Arabic word that means memory … an intimate reconnection – but within a collective ceremony – with the mystery of the Real … that is, with the indefinable, un-representable, inappropriate … beyond all measure, physical or rational.

Racines Lointaines by Pierre Yves Vanderweerd, 70’ (Mauritania / Belgium) (2002). VO. Arabic, French. Subtitles in Spanish.
Travel through Mauritania in search of a tree. Throughout the journey, encounters with men and women who share their ways of seeing the world and life. For some, the tree is a sign from the invisible world, or a call from the light … for others it is a tree only seen when you get lost.

Trance with the Green Man by toni serra *) abu ali, 8’ (Morocco) (2015). No dialogue.
A search for Al-Jádir الخضر, the inner master. Al-Jádir, literally means the one who grows green, inhabits the intermediate world, the no man’s land. The fine gap between the real and the unreal, life and death, sleep and wakefulness.








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The materials contained in the OVNI Archives are the result of various thematic research projects, a whole constellation of titles with the common denominator of their free expression and reflection on individual and collective fears and pleasures. It builds together a vision of multiple facets, like thousands of little eyes, that deepen and explore our world, or announce other possible ones.


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