CRA’P Collaborations 2021

Friday 26 March from 18h to 21h

The workshop proposal is to make a personal exploration through body work, movement and active imagination of our internal world and the images that inhabit it. These images, related to female archetypes, appear as a vital force embodied in our corporeality, in a sort of set populated by characters that give shape and meaning to such world.

On the basis that we are our body, these archetypal forces inhabit us and take shape through our corporality. By connecting with it, we can also get in touch with these inner energies and feel their strength, explore and know them, and like this begin to understand the meaning they have in our lives.







Facilitator: María Elisa Al Cheikh


Registration: / 93 570 77 47

At CRA’P. On-site activity with limited places and covid security protocols. In case it cannot be done at Cra’p space, then will be implemented online through the zoom platform.

More information:

María Elisa Al Cheikh has a Bachelor of Arts (UCV). Master in Social Psychology (UCV) of Venezuela, and Dance Movement Therapy (Autonomous University of Barcelona – UAB). Body Psychotherapist, DM-Therapist, Psycho-dramatist, Researcher in the areas of Corporality, Performance, Public space and Politics in Venezuela. Contemporary dance dancer. She currently works in Reus, Tarragona at the Mandala Centre, where she teaches courses and workshops in both personal attendance and online format.

This activity is the outcome of CRA’P collaborating with the International Women’s Day Programme of the City of Mollet del Vallès.


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